grotamar® 82 - Dosing

grotamar® 82 is pre-diluted and has the same density like diesel fuel. A fast and even distribution of the biocide in the tank after direct dosing is another plus. Further mixing is not required.

A shock dose with grotamar® 82 is recommended for tank sanitation at medium and heavily microbial contamination level. The mixing ratio is 1:1000, which comes to 1l grotamar® 82 for 1000l diesel/ heating oil. In severe cases the shock dose should be increased up to a mix ratio of 1:400 (2.5l for 1000l). The dose rate should be related to the total volume of the fuel. 

To prevent permanent damage a prophylactic dose in a mix ratio of 1:4000 (250ml for 1000l diesel/ heating oil) is ideal. The dose should be added to each filling of the fuel tank to maintain a long-term protection and to avoid under-dosing.

The recommendation for the dose rates from Schülke are based on test results of the best efficiency against the microorganism especially in diesel fuel. Schülke has fighting for 30 years to combat the diesel pest. The standard test in the mineral oil industry is the ASTM E1259-05 test. This test has been conducted not only to show the excellent and fast efficacy against the diesel bugs, but also the long-term protection for the fuel system.

Please pay attention before applying:

Is the fuel contaminated? How heavy is the fuel contamination? For assurance the fuel should be tested with the  mikrocount® fuel test kit  Plugged filter and visible bio sludge in the tank are often the first signs of a microbial contamination, but these can also be caused by other contamination without the influence of microbes.

If a thick layer of bio sludge is visible in the fuel tank or bio films are sticking to the wall, then it is usually too late to sanitize the tank with a shock treatment. The tank cleaning must be cleaned thoroughly! The persistent bio film need to be removed mechanically to prevent a recontamination. After an in-depth tank and pipeline cleaning the contaminated diesel fuel should be treated with a shock dose of grotamar® 82.

Please bear in mind that after the addition of grotamar® 82 dead microbes can plug the filter and an additional filter change may soon be required. The dead microbes will not be dissolved by grotamar® 82 because it does not contain acid. Acid would attack the material in the tank system.

The maximum shock dose of 2.5 l for 1000 l diesel has been tested by schülke regarding material compatibility. A dosage above this level (=over-dosing) has to be avoided!

General under-dosing has to be avoided as well to prevent germs surviving and getting used to the biocide. These germs can adapt to be more resilient against the biocide and consequently more biocide is needed to eliminate them later.

Dosre rate table grotamar® 82

grotamar® 82 is a chemical product, which is classified as a biocide because it eliminate germs. The following points need to be considered: it is recommended to use protective equipment (gloves, protective eyewear, long-sleeve shirts and pants or coveralls) while handling the biocide or the fuel. Direct skin contact should be avoided. Use only in places with good ventilation. Direct inhalation has to be avoided. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and prodcut information before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Dose rate table grotamar® 82

Dosage table grotamar® 82


Where can I buy grotamar® 82 and mikrocount® fuel ?


Purchasing grotamar® 82 and mikrocount® fuel online

Purchasing grotamar® 82 and mikrocount® fuel online


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