Contaminated diesel…?

.. caused by diesel bugs ? The fuel contamination by microbes has many names like diesel pest, diesel bacteria or diesel algae. The made-up names describe usually micrororganisms like bacteria, yeast and mould. Over the time these germs have adapted very well to live in diesel fuels and continue to reproduce. True story!

The microbial contamination in diesel fuel has become a problem with a huge impact. And it's spreading. The problem has been well-known for over sixty years, when the first fuel contamination was recorded. Until recently the only effects were on vehicles with a long standstill and storage tanks with low turnover. By the introduction of bio diesel („FAME“) in diesel and heating oil this issue has gotten a new dimension and new cases are recorded on a daily basis.

Aspergillus nigerzoom

Aspergillus niger

Rhodotorula mucilaginosazoom

Rhodotorula mucilaginosa

Bugs' paradise in diesel tank

Water is the source of life. Only half a cup of water in 1000 liters diesel fuel is needed for the germs to breed! Plus bio diesel and a warm climate turn the fuel tank into a paradise for bugs. Bio diesel is easier to digest and therefore an excellent nutrition for the germs. All you can eat buffet, anyone?

The consequences:

The microbes reproduce like rabbits. They produce a bio sludge in tanks and pipes, which consequently block the filter. Then the clogged filter lets only little amounts of fuel through. As a result the flow stops completely and the engine is coming to a sudden halt. Another problem is corrosion of the tank causing leakage in the tank system. Special bacteria, like the sulphate-reducing-bacteria (SRB), are able to eat itself through metal and causing holes in the tank. The whole fuel system is at risk!

The solution

grotamar® product rage protects your tank system against diesel pest! Changing the filter is only a short-term solution and can’t eliminate the source of the problem in the tank. Contaminated fuel can be sanitized by a shock dose of our products grotamar®.

It exterminates the microbes immediately and stops the corrosion. To prevent new contaminations in the future a continuous treatment with grotamar® products is recommended. You can reduce expensive tank cleaning costs and constantly changing filters. It saves you money and time. 

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