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Detect microbes

How can you combat something which you cannot see with your naked eye? mikrocount® fuel test kit is the perfect solution. The application is very simple.

mikrocount® fuel testkit

mikrocount® fuel testkitzoom

mikrocount® fuel testkit

mikrocount® fuel is a quantitative test method to detect microbes in all diesel types inclusive bio diesel. This test kit shows the total germ count of bacteria, yeast and moulds. It provides in a simple way a result showing if the diesel fuel or heating oil is contaminated and how severe the contamination is. A differentiation of the germ type is not necessary. Only the total germ count matters.

mikrocount® fuel has been developed specially for the application in diesel fuel. The handling is simple. The test provides precise and reliable results


The benefits:

  • Total germ count (bacteria, yeast and moulds)
  • Simple application
  • Precise and reliable results
  • Fast and safe handling
  • For all diesel and heating oil type including bio diesel

The test kit is an inexpensive alternative for an examination in a laboratory and can be done onsite.

More information  www.mikrocountfuel.com

Hygiene Monitoring

The hygiene status of the tank system should be monitored regularly.

It is more cost efficient having the tanks checked regularly and maintaining the systems, rather than spending money on remediation measures of heavy contaminated tanks and losing money and business caused by system failures.

If the contamination is detected at early stage appropriate measurements can be taken in time to prevent system operations problems. Therefore it is recommended to use mikrocount® fuel to test storage tanks on a regular basis as a hygiene monitoring plan and to use grotamar® 82 in case a microbial contamination has been detected. With such a systematic plan the microbial contamination can be already stopped at a low stage before the extension of the contamination is leading to a system down time for cleaning and maintenance.

mikrocount® combi dipslides

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mikrocount® combi dipslides

mikrocount® combi dip slides contain an agar on both sides to grow microbes grow. The slides can be dipped in the test liquid or pressed on test surfaces. These dip slides can be used for testing the water phase in the fuel tank. In most cases it is difficult to drain the water from the tank and collect it for testing. So this test method is not widely used.

mikrocount® combi dip slides are not suitable to be dipped directly into the diesel fuel for testing. On the one hand the agar is not suitable for diesel, on the other hand the detection level on this dip slide is not low enough which means that low contamination levels will not be visible on the testing media und could lead to a false result.


Nevertheless dip slides are an excellent addition to the mikrocount® fuel test kit because slimy residues from blocked filter can be tested easily on the agar.


More information

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie auf www.mikrocountfuel.de


Where can I buy grotamar® 82 and mikrocount® fuel ?


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Purchasing grotamar® 82 and mikrocount® fuel online


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