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This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about grotamar®:
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What are the differences between grotamar 71® and grotamar® 82?

grotamar® 82 has been developed on the basis of grotamar 71® .

grotamar® 82 was especially created for modern diesel fuel with bio diesel (B5 – B20). Due to a pre-dilution it reacts faster and distributes the biocide active fast and evenly in the fuel.

Furthermore the field of application of grotamar® 82 is wider because it is approved for heating oil.

When does grotamar® expire?

grotamar 71®: 36 months from manufacturing date.

grotamar® 82: 36 months from manufacturing date.

The expiration date is printed on the product.

What has to be considered for the storage of grotamar® 82?

Protect from sunlight. Store at room temperature in the original container. Keep away from food and drinks. Storage class : 8BL non-flammable corrosive substance, liquid.

What kind of regulation has to be considered for discharging grotamar® 82?


According to local and national regulations grotamar® 82 must be disposed as hazardous waste. If regulations permit, grotamar® 82 can be disposed as solid waste or burned in a suitable facility.

Contaminated packaging:

Empty containers should be taken to an approved waste handling site for recycling or disposal.
The canisters and drums used by schülke are labelled (HDPE) and made of polyethylene. In Europe containers can be returned free of charge to ensure appropriate re-use. The labels are made of PE. schülke packaging materials contain no PVC and can be recycled.

Waste key for the unused product (Group):

The waste producer itself must, in consultation with the appropriate authorities and a waste disposal company, obtain a waste code from the EWC (European Waste Catalogue).

Where can I buy grotamar® 82?

grotamar® 82 is available online in the schülke web shop www.grotamar-shop.de for Germany and Austria and www.grotamar-shop.ch for Switzerland.
Single bottles and large orders with 3 boxes or more can be purchased by consumers and traders.

For other countries please contact schülke directly by e-mail sai@schuelke.com

Who is the target group for grotamar®?

grotamar 71®

  • Distributions centre and depots for diesel fuel
  • Additive package producer

grotamar® 82

  • Mineral oil distributors/ petrol station owners
  • Holders of agricultural and construction vehicles
  • Boat owners
  • Power stations/ emergency power supply
  • Marine and military vehicles
  • All vehicles types with diesel engine
Is it possible to dose grotamar® fully automatically?

Dosing systems for grotamar 71® and grotamar® 82 are offered from ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH.

Example of a dosage system for sea going vessels und yachts

Example of a dosage system for sea going vessels und yachts

Is there additional literature available?

At the "IASH 2009, the 11th International Conference on Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels" following paper was published:

Microbial Contamination in Diesel Fuel – Are New Problems Arising from Biodiesel Blends?

I have questions about the product. Who can I contact?

You may like to send your questions via E-Mail to Grotamar.SHOP@schuelke.com

or call: +49 40 521 00 8668

We are pleased to assist you.


Where can I buy grotamar® 82 and mikrocount® fuel ?


Purchasing grotamar® 82 and mikrocount® fuel online

Purchasing grotamar® 82 and mikrocount® fuel online


For other countries please contact schülke directly by e-mail grotamar.shop@schuelke.com

schülke worldwide

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